Ferrantes Lawn Service - Dont' Do It: Ferrante's Lawn Service

Reston, Virginia 2 comments
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Would not recommend them whatsoever.I had to terminate this service.

They cut corners if you aren't watching the whole time. The English speaking guy is hardly ever with them. The owner "forgets" and bills you even when they're not there. He'll fix it if you catch him at it, but it happens over and over again.

Who wants to go through that every month. And the job is only so-so to begin with. Just not up to speed with your average run on the mill lawn service. There's an ability lacking here and every week an excuse for something.

Ugh!Don't do it...get a professional experience company instead

Review about: Lawn Mowing.



My experience is completely different. I am very happy with this service and would recommend them to anyone. Very professional and they do great work


I used to always take care of the landscaping duties for my house until my recent back injury.My neighbors use Ferrante’s Lawn Service for all their landscaping needs.

I decided to call the company and get an estimate for a weekly cut, mulching, and some bush trimming. The owner of the company was very friendly and the price was perfect. The guys come once a week and do a fantastic job.

They are very professional and I would recommend this company to anyone.Keep up the great work!

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